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Your Secret Weapon for a fantastically fresh home

All-natural ingredients, vivid scents, and no house cleaning required.

We handcraft our soy wax candles in small batches in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

Light your candle and experience the "just-cleaned" feeling you love.

Then kick back and enjoy your free time in peace.

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What do these scenarios have in common?

1. You cooked up the trout your Uncle Jim brought back from Idaho and your house smells like the deck of a fishing boat (even with the windows wide open).

2. Your bestie just texted you that she's in town and wants to visit, but your living room has that "dusty funk" that you can't get rid of.

3. You finally got a copy of that new Regency Romance novel and you're ready to settle in for some well-deserved relaxation.

Answer: They're all perfect moments to light a Zanmi Home Candle.

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Get a sneak peek at Our four nature-inspired scents 


Subtle and soothing.

Helps you wind down and find your zen.


Clean and cheerful.

Adds zest to your day and fights unwanted odors. 


Cozy and sweet.

Makes any room feel homey and relaxing.


Crisp and fresh.

Brings energy and good vibes wherever it goes.

our candles are handmade with nothing but the good stuff.

We use clean-burning soy wax, natural soy dye, and pure essential oils. That's it. 

All packaged in a charming, eco-friendly tin that looks beautiful on your shelf.

So you can light your candle with peace of mind — and enjoy a unique scent that gives your home an extra touch whenever you need it.

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